On the 22th November a new ranked system got introduced in Dota 2.

Read the official dota blog entry here.

What’s new?

  1. MMR soft reset every 6 Months with 10 calibration games
  2. Medals based on your max MMR achieved in the season is public
  3. Expanded Leaderboard with more players


MMR is now only visible on your own profil in the stats tab.

Here’s an quick overview over the new medals. There are seven levels of Rank Medals (Herald, Guardian, Crusader, Archon, Legend, Ancient and Divine), and within each level are six 140 MMR areas, from zero to five stars. Medals wont decrease in rank and will always show the highest received during the season. Players above 5740 MMR will we displayed on the Leaderboard (Link).

First Impressions

Less pressure/anxiety
MMR ist not visible, Medals won’t decrease in rank, soft-reset after 6 months, probably less players stopping after reaching a milestone (e.g. 5k, yeah i’m looking at you siractionslacks)

More Transparency in the picking Screen
Before you only saw the MMR of the highest Player for each Team, now you see the medals off all players.

Link of a Patch and Ranked Season / MMR
With a lot of changes each Patch the potential of reaching certain medals and ranks is linked with the current Patch.

Different approaches for casual (Medals) and professional (Leaderboard) Players
Like in a lot of other games e.g. Hearthstone or Overwatch.

Regulate the inflation of MMR

Reducing comparability of Regions
The MMR isn’t displayed in the Leaderboard anymore.


What’s your opinion on the new system and my impressions? Is there something to add or correct?


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